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What Do We Mean By "Custom Pultrusions"?

A custom pultrusion is a pultruded product customized in one or more of the following ways to meet a customer's specific requirements:

  • Shape: Virtually any constant cross-section part can be pultruded.
  • Resin Matrix: Standard resin systems can be modified or special resins used to address such needs as elevated temperatures or special environments. Typical resins include polyesters, vinyl esters, epoxies, phenolics, urethanes and blend.
  • Reinforcements: Typical reinforcements are fiberglass or carbon fibers in multi-filament strands, mat, woven fabrics or stitched fabric. Other reinforcement types and forms are possible.
  • Composite Design:  The selection of the resin mix, the type and form of reinforcements, and the placement of reinforcements within the composite are all ways a composite design can be customized.

Custom pultrusions contrast with standard "off-the-shelf" pultruded products in which all of the above elements are pre-established.


Why Choose CTR & Strongwell for Custom Pultrusions?

overhead view of machines
  • Quality: All Strongwell pultrusion facilities operate under strict quality programs, are focused on continuous improvement and are ISO-9001:2000 certified.
  • CTR’s Baytown plant provides time sensitive availability and delivery of both stock and custom shapes to the Gulf Coast markets.
  • Value added fabrication resources to aftermarket and re-con groups in the Gulf Coast markets.
Structural/Mechanical Engineering: Strongwell has multiple registered professional structural engineers on-staff to help you design a part, system of parts, or structure that utilizes custom pultruded components. Strongwell utilizes both mechanical and structural CAD detailing. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used when appropriate. Chemical/Process/Composites Engineering: Strongwell has experienced engineers to help you tailor the reinforcement design and resin system to meet your requirements - and to advise you how to optimize the part for low cost production.
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lab testing

Laboratory: All Strongwell pultrusion facilities operate under strict quality programs, are focused on continuous improvement and are ISO-9001:2000 certified.

Machine and Tooling Design & Construction: Large parts or small, thick or thin, complex or simple, glass or carbon reinforcements (or both) - if it can be pultruded, we can do it!

Product Range

Large to Small

Strongwell produces very large parts to very small parts. Parts can be produced in any transportable length.




Thick to Thin

Strongwell can manufacture thin-walled profiles with wall thicknesses under .070" (1.78 mm). Parts can also be as thick as 2" (50.8 mm) or more.




Complex to Simple

Pultrusions range from multi-cavity, thin-walled, close tolerance parts to simple strips, angles or tubes.





Core materials include aluminum or steel, foam, wood, polyethylene and others.



tubes with cores

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