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Investment in Technology Paying Off for CTR & Its Customers

Cooling Tower Resources has invested in two Techno CNC Routers! With one machine in Texas and one machine in California, CTR now offers precision lumber and plywood fabrication at a fraction of the time than it took to produce just months ago. Imagine a stair stringer that can be completed in less than 5 minutes! Watch this amazing video of an eliminator frame part being made.

What was previously thought as a complex part to produce is now easy to make!

Cost Savings = Profits

The beauty of the CNC and its accompanying software is that often-used parts are simply saved onto the drawings database and retrieved when needed. While it does take a while to sometimes draw these parts out in the software program, the cost savings will be recognized immediately or over time depending on the quantity ordered and/or how often that part is required throughout the year. These savings translate into profits and directly impact your bottom line! Contact us for a quotation. This CNC technology is not limited to cooling tower lumber and plywood. CTR is also able to manufacture and etch onto various media. Call or email for details.


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